Message from the CEO

CEO RH Marine Group

Erik van der Noordaa

“It is the policy of RH Marine Group to strictly observe and adhere to all laws and ethical standards applicable in all jurisdictions in which it conducts its business, to conduct its business affairs lawfully and ethically and to do so with honesty and integrity; there will be no waivers or exceptions in the name of competitive demands, social traditions, or other exigencies, except as permitted or required by law.

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance policies are applicable to employees, agents and representatives at all locations owned, leased, managed, or operated by RH Marine Group and its subsidiaries.

The Board of Management is confident that with everyone’s efforts, RH Marine Group can provide trust and confidence to all our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers, financiers, auditors and employees.”

Governance, risk & compliance

RH Marine Group (RHMG) always strives to conduct its business lawfully and ethically and to do so with honesty and integrity.
The GRC Policies of RHMG are applicable to all its management and employees, at all of its locations, direct and indirect subsidiaries and controlled joint ventures. Examples of GRC Policies are our Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Speak Up Procedure, Export Compliance Policy and Competition Compliance Policy.


Code of conduct

RHMG is committed to sound business conduct and therefore manages its activities on the basis of the company values and rules of conduct as set out in its Code of Conduct. RHMG strives for ethical conduct; the Code defines the principles of such conduct that all employees should take as a guideline for their actions.RHMG safeguards a culture of mutual trust and values differences of opinion, as well as cultural diversity. Compliance with this Code makes RHMG a partner that can be trusted to conduct its business in a safe, careful and accurate manner.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Operating in many different countries means RHMG is subject to national and international laws that prohibit bribery and corruption. RHMG strictly adheres to these laws. RHMG’s stringent Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy outlines its commitment to ensure compliance with all the applicable laws concerning this.

Competition compliance

RHMG favours a free market and competes with other companies in its field in a professional, fair and ethical manner. We do not tolerate violations of antitrust laws.

Export compliance

RHMG is committed to delivering high-quality service to customers all over the world and in order to do this we may need to export equipment, technology, services or software to another country.  To ensure compliance with all relevant export control regulations, RHMG has embedded Export Compliance in its day-to-day business operations with both customers and suppliers. Proper compliance requires the highest level of attention from all employees.

Whistleblower procedure and speakup line

RHMG is committed to conducting business ethically and managing its operations according to the Code of Conduct. The Whistleblower Procedure is an extension of the Code of Conduct and stimulates the reporting of any suspected misconduct.If an employee has a question about whether a particular behaviour is permissible or would like advice on how to apply the business values or rules of conduct, he/she should contact their local line manager or compliance officer. If the concerns cannot be discussed or resolved locally, the employee can contact the GRC officer or leave a message via the SpeakUp Line.

GRC Contact

You can contact the GRC Officer at:

RH Marine Group
Attn. Group GRC Officer
Lichtenauerlaan 80
3062 ME Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Or by mail using the contact form.

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